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August 2024

Dr Nauv Kashyap

Dr Nauv Kashyap is the founder of Practice Ownership Consulting which is Australia’s first dedicated consulting business to help dentists explore practice ownership opportunities. Since 2010, Dr Nauv Kashyap has been helping dentists transition into ownership with some excellent results. Many dentists have relied on him to provide expert guidance as they take on the challenges of ownership.

Dr Nauv Kashyap bought his first practice in 2008 with approx. $400K a year turnover and 2,500 patients. That practice has now seen more than 45,000 patients and in 2023 turned over approx. $7million. He currently owns and operates other dental surgeries with a combined turn over of approx. $20million. He has started and purchased a further 15 dental practices and has also sold practices. He continues to find opportunities for successful startups and takeovers even through a saturated dental market.